Berges de l'Hérault


The 21st century at the service of its history.

700 places
A quaint halt on banks still wild
A historic city heart
A rich historical and cultural heritage
Pilgrimage site
Shops – Museum …

A little history …
The ascent of the Hérault is a journey back in time. Once in the pass, the XXI century welcomes you with its flow of tourists on both sides of the river enjoying the beaches and swimming. Floral shorts and flip flops color a seaside where no one, despite the technological evolutions, has ever invented better than a bucket and a shovel for our darlings. Floating terraces, smugglers to connect one bank to another, shops … make La Tamarissière and Grau d’Agde, typical villages popular with families, one in the shade of its pine forest the other small village of fishermen with undeniable charm.
Further, floral shorts and flip flops give way to yellow wax and rubber boots. To starboard, the fishing port of Grau d’Agde, with its auction, its trawlers and tuna boats, shipyards. The fishing port and trade reached its peak in the eighteenth century. At the turn of the meanders, carved in the basalt in the 12th century, stands imposing and dark in the heart of the city, the Cathedral Saint Etienne. Another great leap in time, place to the imagination, listen to lyres and zithers put on crispy. Cooler, artists’ studios, narrow lane, mansions … the old Greek counter Agathé Tyché “the good fortune” reaches you the arms. For the end of the river you open with its round lock the doors of the Canal du Midi. Look at the end of the Atlantic.


Capitainerie contact details:
VHF: Channel 9
Tel: 04 67 26 00 20
Fax: 04 67 26 66 20
Open all year: From 8h to 20h in season (8h-18h out of season)

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Sécurité en mer

Sécurité en mer Agde

Safety at sea: contact the rescue

Join the CROSS

• The VHF:
Channel 16 – This channel also alerts vessels navigating Channel 16 within 5 miles.

• Mobile phone:
Call 196
– limited coverage
– the call does not immediately locate the boat and people in distress.
– The number 196 only works in a certain coverage area.

Some simple rules among others:

– Know the weather before leaving
– Check your fuel level before departure.
– Take a last look at the map before casting off.
– Tell your loved ones about your navigation program and any changes.
– Check the condition of your distress flares and their expiration date.
– Make sure you have the appropriate security equipment for your navigation category.

For your boat papers:
Maritime Affairs: SETE “pleasure service” issue of the circulation cards of vessels of less than 3 tons.
Customs: SETE issue of acts of francization of vessels of more than 3 tons.

Sécurité au Port

Sécurité au port d'Agde

Security Service:
The Cap d’Agde port security service’s mission is to secure all the structures managed by SODEAL, to welcome and assist boaters and users.

• Monitor

Enforce the general regulations of the police of the port as well as the particular regulation of the quays, terraces shops and campsites.
Monitor buildings, equipment and structures using the CCTV system.

• Attend

Help all campers, boaters and port users (towing in case of breakdown, pumping on waterways, re-anchoring in bad weather)
Assist intervention forces (firefighters, National and Municipal Police)

• Rescue

Carry help and assistance to injured people who have fallen into the water …
Take measures of first urgency and notify the competent help

Safety of people in the water:
To allow people accidentally fallen into the water to be able to go back more easily, an awareness campaign and implication of the Plaisants is led by the port of Cap d’Agde.
Boaters will be invited to highlight on the scales of rear tables of the boats that have them, a signal tape in cloth with fluorescent yellow spinnaker.

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