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Mer Agde

A nautical paradise in the land of Volcanoes

Mount Saint Loup is the last volcano, extinguished since 750000 years, an arc that connected the Velay to the Mediterranean. At its feet, a beautiful black sand beach, unique in France and a cliff of basalts are the last vestiges of this distant time. Offshore, also built on an old volcano, the fort of Brescou tells the great projects of Richelieu who wanted to turn the bay of Agde into an important defense port.


pass decouverte interport

Des « offres plaisanciers à l’année »
For amateur yachtsman with an annual contract in one of the marinas member of the UVPLR, accumulate the nautical miles during your travels in Languedoc-Roussillon, asking for a counter mark at the port of call for each trip . Refer to boating offers defined by the port from which you benefit from a year-round contract. Once you have completed the number of nautical miles defined by your home port, present your “Discovery Pass” to get your gift! (Payment in your Pass’ Discoveries papers)
“Boating offers in stopovers”
The “Pass’ Discoveries” allows you, as a year-round boater in the ports of the Port Cities Union of Languedoc-Roussillon or yachtsman passing through our Region, to benefit from the “Escales offers”.

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