Plage d'Agde


With its 3100 rings, the Port of Cap d’Agde is nonetheless a port of character with its 10 basins with atmospheres as different as complementary. In turn sports, fun, epicurean … the pools reveal their finery to the rhythm of the desires that keep you going throughout your stay between sea and volcano. Unlikely alliance of water and fire. Ideal base for cruises in the Mediterranean to Spain (50 miles), Balearic Islands (200 miles) or to Corsica (230 miles).

3100 rings:
– 10 basins sheltered around a lake of 35 hectares
– 6 sanitary blocks (toilets, showers, washbasins) with reserved access (electronic key).
– Parking facilities reserved for boaters.
– Fresh water and electricity (220 V mono and 380 V tri) docked.
– Secure pontoons (access by electronic key): the places are equipped with catways and for larger units on piles or dead bodies.
– Specific locations for multihulls.
– 2 launching wedges (Avant Port).
– Recycling to European standards.
– Port dredged to 3 m.


VHF: Channel 9
Tel: +33(0)4 67 26 00 20
Fax: +33(0)4 67 26 66 20
Open all year: From 8am to 8pm in season (8am – 6 pm out of season)






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Safety on the sea

Sécurité en mer Agde

• To contact relief and join the CROSS
VHF channel 16
This channel is used to alert vessels that are guarding channel 16 within 6 to 8 miles
VHF call makes it possible to locate the boat immediately

By mobile phone: call 196 (free)

• For your boat papers:
Delegation Sea and Coastal (DML), ex maritime affairs:, 4 rue hoche, 34207 Sète cedex,
Customs:, 27 Asphalt Dock Herber, 34200 Sète

Some simple rules among others:

– Know the weather before leaving
– Check your fuel level before departure,
– Tell your loved ones about your navigation program and any changes.
– Check the condition of your distress flares and their expiration date.
– Make sure you have the appropriate security equipment for your navigation category.

You want to make a donation to the snsm it’s [here]

Pour vos papiers bateau :

Les affaires Maritimes : SETE
« service plaisance » délivrance des cartes de circulation des bateaux de moins de 3 tonneaux.
Les Douanes : SETE délivrance des actes de francisation des bateaux de plus de 3 tonneaux.

Quelques régles simples parmi d’autres :
– Prenez connaissance de la météo avant de partir,
– Vérifiez votre niveau de carburant avant le départ
– Jetez un dernier coup d’œil sur la carte avant de larguer les amarres.
– Prévenez vos proches de votre programme de navigation et de ses changements éventuels.
– Vérifiez le bon état de vos fusées de détresse et leur date de péremption.
– Vérifiez que vous avez bien à bord le matériel de sécurité correspondant à votre catégorie de navigation.

Sécurité au port

Sécurité au port d'Agde

Monitoring service:

The Cap d’Agde port security service’s mission is to secure all the structures managed by SODEAL, to welcome and assist boaters and users.


Enforce the general regulations of the police of the port as well as the particular regulation of the quays, terraces shops and campsites.

Monitor buildings, equipment and structures using the CCTV system.


Help all campers, boaters and port users (towing in case of breakdown, pumping on waterways, re-anchoring in bad weather)

Assist intervention forces (firefighters, National and Municipal Police)


Carry help and assistance to the wounded, fallen into the water …

Take measures of first urgency and notify the competent help

Safety of people in the water.

To allow people accidentally fallen into the water to be able to go back more easily, an awareness campaign and implication of the Plaisants is led by the port of Cap d’Agde.

Boaters will be invited to highlight on the scales of rear tables of the boats that have them, a signal tape in cloth with fluorescent yellow spinnaker.

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